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Faculty FAQ

The Data Science Minor is a multidisciplinary program that can appeal to students in every field of study. The list of core and elective courses satisfying the requirements of the minor is expected to evolve over time as new courses are developed or existing courses are modified.

Any faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences interested in having a new or existing course be listed as part of the Data Science Minor is encouraged to propose it to the minor’s administrative committee. This page describes the evaluation and decision process that the committee will follow.

There are two types of courses in the Data Science Minor: core requirements and electives. To help faculty determine where their proposed course fits within the minor, we have prepared the following DS Guidelines. The process for submitting a proposed course consists of the following THREE steps:

Step One

Download and fill in ONE the following forms:

Step Two

Contact the member of the administrative committee who coordinates the core requirement that corresponds to your proposal.

Step Three

The administrative committee will review the proposal and discuss it with the faculty member(s) proposing the new course. If the course is approved by the Data Science Minor committee, the proposed changes will be sent to the Administrative Boards of the College of Arts and Sciences for approval (on an annual basis).  If the proposed changes are accepted, students will be able to count the new course(s) towards their minor starting the following fall.

The deadline to submit a proposal to the data science administrative committee is September 1st, every year for inclusion in the minor in the following academic year.